Mobile and Tablet Sales Enablement

Mobility is the new channel that each and every business revolves around. The fact that the face of a business is very easily and smartly defined by many mobile applications, it further adds wheels to your growth and identity. It is thereby no surprise that the sale of smart mobile devices is on an upsurge in the coming years. With an estimate global sale of 1.6 billion smartphone around 2016, the smartphone and apps development arena does look meaty! It is also believed that 40% of the work-force would go mobile in 2 years time with more than 300 billion app downloads to happen every single year!!! More so it would be a win- win situation to make the marketing and sales process easy on tablets through mobile sales enablement technology.

Mobile Sales Enablement – the scenario right now

For a sales rep product catalog app would surely hit the bull’s eye as it would help boost “productivity”. The fact that it is a challenge to record real time sales, keep a track of the products, categories, quotes with marketing collateral techniques, the sales team is definitely facing the heat all across the globe in every industry. With technology yet to touch this filed, the scenario right now is not very great. As per statistics, 20% of sales organizations are using tables as a tool for their field sales force. However, it looks like sunny days are not far behind. It has been estimated that by 2018, (i.e., in the next four years) 70% of mobile workers would use a table or hybrid devices that have tablet like characteristics to monitor real time sales.

Challenges faced by the Sales Team

Engaging the clients only through conversation is a challenge these days as the distractions are immense in every step. Besides, the place, time, situation and moods of a client are all taken into consideration before giving your inputs. It goes without saying that a rep needs to be well guarded with the tools backed with effective communication. The chances of conversation are still meager after so many precautions and home work.

Apart from this the sales team management needs to coordinate with marketing in order to receive prompt feedback and support materials. A small communication gap can lead to great misunderstandings to disrupt the operations. Above and beyond, the desk job involved in this job is something that not all sales rep would easily oblige with.


  • Mobile sales enablement technology and tablet can make managing and distribution of the sales materials with ease.
  • Digital marketing would make your venture cost efficient, easy and environmental friendly.
  • A central store for the sales materials can make work easy to find them right away.
  • You can be rest assured that the sales materials referred by your reps are up-to-date and reliable.
  • Updates and news can be promptly communicated to the team.
  • The quality of sales would definitely improve and it would reduce the deskwork involved in the job.
  • Marketing and Sales can be effectively aligned to channelize work assignments and feedback.

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