Today's volatile economy demands constant up gradation of products and services. An updated catalog showcasing your brand's latest products is an absolute must to drive sales. Paper catalogs are an unnecessary waste of efforts and money as thousands of brochures, pamphlets and handouts need to be printed and circulated. Also, as product lists and offers change, the catalog needs to be updated regularly; they don’t provide detailed product information and can quickly become obsolete.

Catalog Pulse is a powerful sales application tool for your mobile/ tablet, which mobilizes your marketing collateral in the form of a digital catalog guaranteeing maximum impact and results. With the help of this mobile application, sales representatives and customers have complete access to your company's website, sales brochure and catalog on one platform. No more fumbling with bunch of paper catalogs, scanning through lengthy Excel sheets or scribbling down product details as Catalog Pulse captivates your customers and empowers your sales team together. At Mobisoft Infotech, our goal is more than bringing your existing paper publications online. We provide end-to-end solutions that accelerate your sales process and create a unique brand identity of your own. Go digital with Catalog Pulse!

Key Benefits
App Features
  • Real time sales and marketing tool

  • Maintain brand identity across the board

  • Choose from the best suited layout and the most relevant theme for your app

  • Easy and intuitive user interface

  • Maintain field sales, website and ecommerce on a single database

  • Sales and Marketing collaterals stay updated in real-time for the sales team

  • Manage products, categories, and quotes from a central location.

  • Manage quotations and provide quick responses

  • Provision to expose data to other platforms (website)

  • Carry all product catalogs and information on one device

  • Flexible pricing options and monthly payment plans.

  • Pay per use (depending on number of products)

  • Help the environment by saving on paper, money, time and trees!